Before deciding whether to acquire, divest, restructure or recapitalize a business, business owners, investors and management should consider independent and objective advice in order to optimize the allocation of capital. Our approach to assisting our clients through the transaction approach focuses on a three-part approach – the Kalex Value Matrix – involving:

  1. Assessing value

  2. Protecting value

  3. Enhancing value


Assessing Value


Knowing what your business is worth today and understanding the factors that contribute to value is critical. Many owners of privately held companies have little to no idea of what their most important asset, their company, is worth.


At Kalex, we are experts at business valuation for multiple purposes but most importantly to help our clients protect, enhance and realize value.

Protecting Value

We help our clients protect the value of their business by:

  • Conducting forensic investigations to assist in the assessment of risk and prevention of fraud and business loss.

  • Providing litigation support and dispute resolution services to assist our clients with or defend legal actions involving disputes with third parties, shareholders, employees or in matrimonial situations.

  • Implementing a plan for succession of management and ownership so that the value of the company can be realized.

Enhancing Value

Kalex is committed to increasing the net worth of our clients by:

  • Developing a sound and robust business plan to help evaluate and advise on growth strategy and to implement a successful execution program.

  • Driving an acquisitions process that will align growth strategy to target company selection, valuation, deal execution and post-deal integration.

  • Helping to raise capital from debt or equity markets that will fuel the growth strategy and execution program.

  • Managing a divestiture process to maximize the value of their business in a disciplined and professional manner.