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We recognize the unprecedented situation created by COVID-19 and the challenges placed on everyone worldwide.  Our service offerings have been, and are still, fully available throughout this period.  For safety reasons, our employees will be working remotely.  However, our work hours, contact details and pledge to excellent client service remain the same.  The only change is to in-person meetings which can be instead conducted by telephone or via videoconferencing.  There will be no change in the quality of our work or the timeliness of response; and we welcome new clients as well.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to call Melanie Russell at 416-488-9590x225 or 416-710-8099.

Please note that we are well equipped with a talented team that can perform quantification under insurance claims such as business interruption including natural disasters and COVID-19 claims;

fidelity, surety and employee bonding; professional liability; product liability; inventory losses and cyber losses for companies of all sizes.



Kalex offers advisory services to our clients across a complete range of valuation disciplines.



Meet our experienced and expert team of valuators and forensic accountants.



To assist you in improving business capabilities and enhancing your contact and knowledge base.



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In the times I have retained Kalex Valuations for a project, I have been consistently impressed with their expertise, diligence, and service.  Having engaged with valuators for over three decades, I have come to understand the difference between “template completers” (of which there are far too many) and those who excel at understanding a business and providing the essential analysis to determine true value.  I have been in the position to judge separate valuations of a single business by large international firms and Kalex, and Kalex has consistently had more thorough valuations that have proved more accurate in hindsight, all at a significantly lower cost.  Kalex is without peer in providing valuations that combine excellence and service.  I recommend them strongly to anyone looking for sophisticated valuations.


- David Jennings, Lawyer and Businessman

“The opposing counsel was going to contest the valuation but, when they saw who produced it, they backed right off. Your firm has a reputation in the industry as the gurus of intellectual property valuations.  We are very close to settlement; they have to do their own valuation and are trying to negotiate, but it looks like my client is going to win. He is ever so grateful for the referral —your firm rocks!”


- Ted Pollock CPA CA, CFP

“We had a case conference and the opposing lawyer insisted that the information Melanie wanted was not relevant, however, the judge knew her professionally and made it clear over and over again that anything she requested now would have a lot of weight attached on any motion. 

The way the judge praised Melanie in front of everyone—I have never seen anything like it in 40 years. Thanks again!"

- Sam Laufer J.D. B.A. C.Arb  C.Med

"Thank you for your work on this case.  Your testimony was reflective of the high standard of work you consistently deliver.  I expect the judge agrees with me, based on her response to my closing submissions yesterday."

- Ross Milliken, Barrister and Solicitor

"We recently required a valuation of one of our larger clients for an employee share sale. The Kalex professional were thorough and prompt in their assistance in getting the job done."

- Bob Gore, Robert Gore & Associates CPAs, CAs

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